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With over 400 Concours Chronometric Instruments in stock and 35 years experience in the Restoration / Repair and recalibration of Smiths Chronometric Instruments we are in a unique position to Supply - Restore - Repair
Chronometric Speedometers and Chronometric Tachometers
for any
British Motorcycle Manufactured between 1930 - 1962

Chronometric Instrument Repairs  from 45.00
All work carries a full 12 month guarantee
Please Contact US with your requirements for a firm quotation.

We also supply Top Quality British made Cables and Drives

Plus a range of Chronometric Spares

Dial Printing

We are pleased to be able to offer a complete dial
Restoration and Bespoke Printing service.
Please contact us for further details

The Chronometric speedometer / Tachometer is a principle commenced by the Jaeger speedometer company in Paris, France, in the 1920s and as such is a METRIC instrument, that is the dimensions, screws, threads etc are metric and not imperial as generally thought.
For example on the motorcycle instrument, considered to be 3” dia., with a 26tpi thread, the bezel is 80mm dia. x 0.9mm thread. Sometime in the late 1920's, Jaeger Paris set up a company in England, Jaeger Ed., with two British directors and one French director. Around 1927, Smiths Motor Accessories purchased this company and re-named it British Jaeger.
For a long time the dial faces, either with the British Jaeger or Smiths logo on them, also had a credit to Jaeger …”Jaeger patent”. Smiths often badged their instruments Jaeger or Smiths.

Pre WW2 Smiths logo

Pre WWII Smiths Logo

SmithS logo, 1946 to mid 1950's_

Smiths Logo 1946 - Mid 1950s

SMITHS logo, mid 1950's_

Smiths Logo mid 1950s on

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